1-on-1 Discipling


God has not made us to be "lone rangers" in the Christian life. In one-on-one discipling relationships, two Christians of the same sex meet for a regular, pre-determined time in order to study Scripture, hold one another accountable, and pray.  

These discipling meetings center around discussing and applying a Biblical passage, or a  Biblically-centered book, and end with a time of prayer.  These meetings can focus on particular issues or areas of our Christian lives. One-on-one discipling enables us get involved in each others lives, to ask the difficult questions, to bear one another’s sorrows and joys, to speak the Word to one another in order to do spiritual good to one another.

If you are interested in beginning a 1-on-1 discipling relationship, please contact the church office.

If you are interested in learning how to lead within a 1-on-1 discipling relationship, consider taking the "Discipling Seminar" offered on Sunday Mornings. Go here for a list of the seminars and the times they are offered.