Membership Seminar


The "Membership Seminar" is designed to introduce our visitors and attenders to the meaning and importance of church membership. You do not have to join in order to attend the seminar. Our hope is that by attending it, you will learn about our church, about our values, about our life as a church. 


The seminar covers the following six topics: 

(1) The Statement of Faith: What Christ-followers at PHBC Believe?

(2) Church and Membership: Why Do They Matter?

(3) What is a Healthy Church Member?

(4) History of Christianity and the Future of PHBC. 

(5) Your Service in the Body of Christ at PHBC. 

(6) The Church Covenant. 

Pastor Samuel will be teaching on these topics.



  • March 24-25 

The weekend format meets on Saturday morning, 9:30-12:30PM AND Sunday afternoon, 4-7 PM. 
Free child care is provided upon request.



To sign up for the seminar, you can use the form below.